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Simplistic Scandinavian Interior Design in Hong Kong

RAZ Interiors has explored the minimalist, luxury style interior design projects previously in our blog section. This time, we’d like to proudly introduce how we approach another simplistic, Scandinavian style interior design project for a family of four members. The reason that this design style is so popular these years is because it blends simplicity, elegance, subtle luxury, and comfort in one to craft a timeless and sophisticated ambiance that is both soothing and welcoming. Minimalist interior design approach is just ideal for families finding a serene and tidy living environment, highlighting the use of natural materials, such as wood and rock to foster relaxation and comfort. In this way, it can shape an atmosphere that people are living in a natural environment. When designing a Scandinavian style interior, RAZ Interiors prioritizes the functionality and simplicity to create a tranquil living space for the family.

As all other residential interior design styles, a critical feature of the design approach is creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for both dwellers and guests. Upon entering the flat, visitors encounter a unique feature which is a rock wall that extends from the entrance to the dining area, creating a stunning effect that defines the tone for the remaining space in the room. The television cabinet features glass doors to display the homeowner’s precious collections. To add a touch of luxury, gold elements were incorporated into the furniture, such as the dining room cupboard, coffee table, and decorative lighting. These elements repeat the luxury theme and create a focal point, enhancing the inviting and warm environment for hosts and guests to spend their quality time together.

With a focus on tranquillity and peacefulness, both two daughter’s rooms feature a beige and white colour scheme. The bedheads in the rooms are crafted from wooden coloured wallpaper, fostering a warm and inviting ambiance, and creating a serene atmosphere for the girls.

On the other hand, the master bedroom is a private retreat for the parents. A special patterned wallpaper is added to the centre of the wall, and bamboo themes are implemented repeatedly on each side of the bedhead and the wardrobe doors to create a touch of forest.

Bathrooms play important roles in the Scandinavian style interior design project as well. With raw and soothing colour palettes, the master bathroom features a sandstone-style walls with a grey, water-stone touch rock panel as a sink to represent the spa-like ambiance; the guest bathroom is designed with a focus on functionality and room optimization, with the separated shower room and toilet to increase privacy and lighting.

Simplistic, Scandinavian style interior design is suitable for people looking to create a subtle luxury living environment in Hong Kong. Most importantly, by incorporating wooden patterns and stone textures into the interior, the living space is able to radiate calm and comfort with warm.

Blending Function and Aesthetics: The RAZ Approach

No matter where you live, your home should be your haven, a place that embodies your journey of love and togetherness. Remember, RAZ Interiors is always here to turn your interior design dreams into reality. Explore RAZ Interiors’ residential portfolio page or Facebook Page for inspiration on how to decorate a house with exceptional, modern interior designs!


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