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RAZ Interiors Limited was established in 2013 by Rachel Poon and Zeta Chu. With an experienced interior design team, in just a couple of years we have already won international design awards, including Asia Pacific Property Awards and A&D Awards. From the creative designs to the thorough planning and execution of the concepts, our team have been receiving professional recognition from around the world.


Our design projects mainly fall into four categories: residential, show house, club house and commercial office. We emphasize an integration of architectural aesthetics into creative design, and to infiltrate modern art into daily living. The two founders believe that design should not be confined to visual beauty; each gripping and durable design is out of our goal to go beyond visual perception, and further to nourish one's soul.


RAZ's design projects cover Hong Kong, China and Australia. Persisting in our belief of “ Art Inspires Life ” , we will continue to create innovative yet practical designs for your space.


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