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How to Incorporate Nature into Your Hong Kong Apartment

Escape the urban hustle and embrace the serenity of nature in your Hong Kong apartment with the artistry of RAZ Interiors. Nestled in the heart of Kowloon West lies a remarkable oasis where the pulse of the city meets the calming embrace of nature. In the space of a 950 sq ft apartment, RAZ Interiors has masterfully orchestrated a symphony of design elements, including high ceiling interior design and the Hamptons style, transforming it into a coastal-inspired nature haven that redefines contemporary urban living.

Client's Design Blueprint: Turning Their Dream Home into a Reality

The project at Park Avenue occupies the highest storey of the estate, with high ceilings and a glass wall looking over the city. The clients, a couple and their 15-year-old son, sought a shared space for different purposes, including a living area, a quiet study, and a piano room.

The Design Journey - A Symphony of High Ceilings and Coastal Vibes

In this coastal-inspired haven, a 4.3-meter ceiling dances with city views. RAZ Interiors ingeniously blended two main elements, a Hamptons style theme and high ceilings, to create an ambience that transcends traditional city living. The design employs simple background tones—white lime washes and light grey walls—contrasting with sleek black furniture. Feature walls conceal doors, fostering a seamless flow of space, and unnecessary partitions were removed to invite natural light to flood the rooms.

The master bedroom, a warmly welcoming retreat, incorporates wooden textures and an ingenious raised platform under the bed, concealing storage. Private living zones exhibit deeper, saturated colours, while the son's room bursts with his preferred turquoise shades. Wood, linen, and custom-made furnishings maintain a connection to the natural world without compromising modern style. It's an invitation to experience a comfortable, coastal atmosphere—a balance of urban and natural elements.

Maximising Vertical Space with Clever Storage Design Ideas

RAZ Interiors ingeniously maximises verticality. Multi-level platforms elevate the impact of high-ceiling interior design, not merely expanding usable floor area but enhancing the grandeur of the living space. The master bedroom, with concealed storage beneath a raised platform, exemplifies a thoughtful approach to every inch of space, harmonising seamlessly with Hamptons style—a testament to their expertise in residential interior design in Hong Kong.

Embracing Personalisation with A Burst of Colours

In this nature-inspired haven, personalisation takes centre stage. In the son's room, the walls come alive with his chosen turquoise shades, creating a vibrant and personalised retreat. Private living zones, strategically adorned with deeper, saturated colours, further amplify the tailored touch in every corner of this Kowloon West apartment.

The final design beautifully combines sophistication with comfort, homeliness, and clean, engaging lines—all under the expansive canvas of high-ceiling interior design. It's a testament to the delicate balance achieved by the design team in merging the aesthetics of the Hamptons with their prowess in residential interior design in Hong Kong.

Your Guide to Nature-Inspired Living in Hong Kong

Embark on a transformative nature-inspired interior design journey for your home, drawing inspiration from the serene and stylish apartment nestled in Kowloon West. At RAZ Interiors, we invite you to let the beauty of nature seamlessly blend with your living space. Our commitment to creating harmonious living environments extends back to our establishment in 2013. With years of experience, RAZ Interiors has been dedicated to providing comprehensive design services tailored to residences, retail spaces, and commercial establishments.

Allow us to guide you in transforming your space into a sanctuary that not only reflects your personal style but also captures the essence of nature. Whether you seek a calming retreat or a vibrant, nature-infused atmosphere, our expertise in residential interior design in Hong Kong ensures a tailored approach to meet your unique preferences.

Let your journey toward nature-inspired living begin with us.


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