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Phenomenal Penthouse with Modern Interior Design in Branksome Grande

By simply glancing at the stark beauty of this 4,500 sq. ft penthouse in Branksome Grande, you can immediately distinguish that it is a highly coveted accommodation designed for those with a discerning taste in architecture. Nestled in the bustling heart of Mid-Levels, the overall design concept focuses on manifesting an impeccably seamless blend of luxury living and functionality, along with a homely space for family get-togethers. Being a rental property means changes to the modern interior design are restrained. Hence, our designers are entrusted with envisioning and devising in-fashion home decorating ideas and sourcing premium quality furniture on a budget to instil a sleek, modern and clean slim-line finish in the penthouse for our clients.

As one of the crowning features of this penthouse, the wood-panelled entrance hall is where the relaxing communal spaces and bedrooms meet. Rather than imparting a sense of hollowness to the interior, our designers embellished this top-notch entrance hall with a console table and two armchairs to enhance and elevate the warm welcome vibe and imbue the penthouse with a sense of sheer openness and flow. Whenever the family exits the elevator, they are greeted by the contemporary entrance hall that extends into a vast space that exudes relaxation and serenity.

At one end of the hallway is where the open-planned living and dining area perch. We designed the bi-fold doors to highlight sprawling, picturesque views of Victoria Harbour and Central, along with a two-tiered landscaped terrace. A BBQ and Jacuzzi further elevates Branksome Grande’s spacious outdoor area by creating plenty of private space for dining and everyday unwinding while offering unrivalled panoramas of the cityscape.

Inside the main living room, our design team has elegantly transformed a pair of side rooms near the lounge into a tranquil reading nook and an office adorned with a double desk. As additions to the modern interior design of the penthouse, our furniture options and placement are carefully considered to provide a peaceful, yet luxurious living experience.

Our meticulous designers are dedicated to curating loose furniture to imbue the penthouse with a quaint charm and modern interior design. The deliberate mix and match of various pieces centre around the primary colour palette and echo the mid-century modern theme of the penthouse. When it comes it distinctive interior design, we avoid hotel-style uniformity at all costs. Despite the broad use of high-end European furniture throughout the penthouse, bespoke pieces such as the sofa, dining set, and coffee table – all from Hermès – were exquisitely selected as the luxury brand's colours perfectly blend with the apartment's neutral palette of white, beige and light grey.

On top of that, lighting is a significant contributor to the décor of this penthouse. As such, the striking pendant lights are an interior feature in each room, while the more minimal floor and table lamps are used to provide consistent illumination to rooms at various levels. In the boys' twin bedroom, our designers installed LED lighting under the edges of the platform steps to create a floating effect, enhancing the mood of this cosy space.

Another focal point of the modern interior design in this penthouse is the three exclusive bedrooms and a den. Echoing the designers’ vision, the majestic master bedroom is seamlessly adjoined to a sleek walk-in closet and bathroom, and integrates a sitting area off the bed to provide utmost privacy. In the daughter’s bedroom our designers opted for pink-toned walls for hints of femininity.

On the other hand, the twin bedroom shared by the family's teenage boys has a split-level design and is reminiscent of a Japanese tatami platform, which our designers installed along with the wardrobe. The selected combination of glass and wood veneer permeates a light ambiance and complements the palette of grey, blue, and charcoal, instilling a sense of masculinity and energy throughout the bedroom.

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