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Bespoke Westminster Terrace Apartment Renovation by RAZ Interior Design

After spending 8 years in their spacious 2,400 sqft. duplex apartment in The Westminster Terrace, our clients decided it was time for a big revamp and to introduce a fresh style of interior design. Good renovation ideas are not too hard to come by, but where most designers often fall short is finding the right ideas for a specific lifestyle. Luckily, Raz HK’s interior designers knew just how to do that.

Renovation Ideas for a Leisurely Lifestyle in Hong Kong

Our clients’ lifestyles and everyday needs have changed significantly since they first moved into the Westminster Terrace apartment. Cooking has become their new and favourite hobby, and a more spacious kitchen is a top priority in the interior design of this revamp. The only catch, though, is that the grease and smell from the kitchen must not infiltrate the rest of the apartment.

Though RAZ HK’s interior designers strategically opened up the apartment’s ground floor to create a spacious communal area, it would not suit the client to employ an open kitchen design. To block off the smell without sacrificing the visual breadth of the area, a semi-transparent glass door was put in between the kitchen and the living room to allow light to pass through easily and maintain visual coherence.

Within the communal area, an abstract design display unit adds to the artsy and leisurely atmosphere of the interior design. The unit looks like an art installation when empty but can also be used as a display shelf when needed.

The apartment’s balconies were also transformed into a beautiful garden with grey-mirrored plant pots where the couple could realise their passion in floriculture.

Upstairs, RAZ’s designers revamped three bedrooms into one spacious master suite with a walk-closet and study. What was originally a fourth bedroom was transformed into a multi-purpose space that functioned as a storage room, en-suite guest room, and play area for the couple’s two dogs.

Mood & Atmosphere Revamp Through Interior Design

The Westminster Terrace apartment’s new interior design oozed with contemporary motifs. Premium wood veneer and horizontally patterned marble combined with light grey tones throughout the rooms to create a sense of visual coherence and fluidity. Custom-made terrazzo tiles with a subtle spark are used in combination with gold stainless steel and black metal pendants to decorate an elegant dining room and to give the neutral palette a gentle lift without overtipping the apartment’s timeless design.

Creative wall treatments also added layers of depth to the apartment’s interior design on top of providing practical solutions to multiple renovation ideas on the floor plan. The entrance hall’s mirror wall adds width and depth to the space and bounces light into its darkish corridor. The hand-painted glass door between the dining room and kitchen is decorated with work from the late Swedish artist Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, who was a close friend of the couple. The art piece elevates the entire space with its unique beauty and was a poetic way to celebrate the memory of a good friend.

In the master suite upstairs, RAZ’s designers also chose to use a full-height fabric headboard instead of wallpapers in combination with a floor-to-ceiling door in the study to dramatise the room’s vertical depth and create a unique spatial identity.

Next to the staircase, a matt black metal shelving unit with concealed lighting grabs the guests’ attention with its visual oddity, standing with only one point of support and floating across the living room like a weightless art piece. It also acts as a canvas for a sculptural speaker and the couple’s choice of display items.

One of the couple’s renovation ideas for the Westminster Terrace apartment was to incorporate a fancy and stylish powder room on the ground floor, a space that is often overlooked by interior designers in Hong Kong. To fit the powder room underneath the structurally congested space underneath the staircase, RAZ’s designers cleverly built a curved veneer ceiling that, when combined with a grey mirror wall, extended the room’s ceiling visually and turned its structural beam into a harmless visual element.

Overall, this duplex apartment in The Westminster Terrace embraced a minimalistic design with a touch of style and elegance that complemented the right renovation ideas to give its owners the comfortable lifestyle they asked for. Everything from its colour palette, choice of material and furniture, and lighting design were meticulously orchestrated by RAZ’s designers to give the apartment an impeccable interior design that elevates the couple’s everyday life.


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