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Architectural Design


Award-Winning Integrated Interior Design Consultancy

RAZ Interiors is an award-winning Hong Kong Interior Design Company specialising in interior design with a unique sculptural and contemporary aesthetic. Taking a client-oriented and innovative approach to our interior designs, we are committed to delivering creative yet human being interior designs that promise timeless aesthetics that seamlessly complement the built environment. From design concepts, detailed interior design planning to construction project management, our firm offers a full range of luxury interior design services for residential, commercial, and private clubhouses in Hong Kong.

Discover Excellence Through Sophistication & Innovation

RAZ Interiors aims to make every client's dream space a reality through our core brand values of precision, innovation, quality, and trust.

Precision refers to designing around the space, utilising each area to the best of its abilities whilst retaining a sense of elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s transforming an existing layout or conceptualising entirely new spaces or buildings, our interior design firm aims to incorporate our client’s style into the space while maximising functionality.

Innovation is integrating art with design and enhancing the quality of life through exquisite home furnishings. Our professional team of interior designers combines classic design concepts with contemporary trends to create an immersive space that’s both captivating and functional. Fusing both Eastern and Western design elements, the end results are residential and commercial interiors that transcend and inspire the community.

Quality and trust are the last two pillars of our brand philosophy and refer to our synergistic relationship with our clients to create a space that’s truly their own interior design ideas. We value transparency and honesty in our work and work closely to provide client-oriented interior design plans and project management services that creates a stunning design with an everlasting impression.

Immaculate Execution

Great interior design cannot come to life without excellent construction project management. Our project management team expertise in ensuring that none of our interior design elements is lost during construction. This is what sets us apart from all the interior design firms and companies in Hong Kong.

Across various interior design and architectural design projects spanning from Hong Kong and China to Australia, our experienced team of interior designers and project managers have helped countless clients and companies turn their dream space into reality despite difficult limitations and constraints. No matter what challenge you put ahead of us, we will conquer with style.

Explore Our Interior Design Portfolio

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About RAZ Interiors

Established in 2013 by founders Rachel Poon and Zeta Chu, RAZ Interiors is a one-stop Hong Kong interior design company that provides professional design consultancy services for Interior design projects, architectural projects and renovation projects. We emphasise an integration of architectural aesthetics into creative interior design, and to infiltrate modern art into daily living. The two founders and interior designers believe that design should not be confined to visual beauty. Each gripping and durable design is out of our goal to go beyond visual perception and further to nourish one’s soul. With an unerring ability to transform interior spaces into personalised and functional havens, we’ve won international design awards in just a few years, including the Asia Pacific Property Awards and A&D Awards. 

Our Services

In line with the concept of “art inspires life”, RAZ Interiors has developed rapidly into a far-reaching interior design firm in both the Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese markets, providing residents and companies with a range of comprehensive interior design and construction project management services.

•    Residential interior design consulting
•    Commercial interior design consulting
•    Architectural design consulting
•    Renovation projects
•    Construction project management

•    Home Furnishing

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