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 Construction Project Management

In the interior design process, design planning is just but the very first step in the full-scale construction project. RAZ Interiors offers a full range of professional construction project management services that takes your dream interior from an amazing idea to reality. With years of industry experience and successful large-scale projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China under our belt, we have accumulated a wide network that will help us carry out the technical aspects and manage your construction project to the highest level of precision and quality. Our professional team of interior designers and experienced project managers work to provide customised solutions and oversee every aspect of your renovations from conception to completion.


Our interior design & construction management process

All-in-one interior design services 

We take care of all stages of your interior design needs, from initial space planning, furniture procurement and decoration, to construction project management, construction and installation – to ensure your space is as safe and easy-to-use as it is aesthetically pleasing. For every one of our projects, we strive for ultimate transparency and use a client-first approach to guide you step-by-step in order to provide the best construction management solutions in Hong Kong and beyond.

Our Philosophy

In the past, so many good designs have brushed past Hong Kong, failing to materialise their true potential due to a lack of construction project management. Great design requires equally great project management in order to succeed. This is why RAZ works only with elite construction partners and focus on project management as much as anything else. We see and utilise project management as an integral part of a unified process and work rigorously to ensure that not a single design element is neglected in the construction process. The result is an end product that will always remain loyal to our clients' envisioned, everything and nothing less.

1. Programming

The first step that refers to the design exploration and conception. During this phase, we learn about your lifestyle, needs, design preferences, budget, project scope, and overall vision. This also includes obtaining necessary information through phone calls, meetings, on-site visits, measurements, and documenting the existing conditions.

2. Space Planning

Space planning is an essential part of any well-designed space. This phase requires detailed diagrams and layouts for scale, functionality, circulation paths and interior finish recommendations.

3. Design Development

This stage is the fine-tuning of the initial design groundwork that’s been laid out. This includes making edits to initial elevation concepts, recommending interior finishes, fixture recommendations, materials and presenting a refined floor plan communicated through 2D drawings and 3D renderings.

4. Contract Documentation

Once all the designs and requirements are finalised, the contract documents and bids need to be obtained from contractors. This includes floor plans, elevations, finish specifications, lighting plans, as well as crucial plumbing, electrical and mechanical details such as security systems and fire system installation.

5. Construction Management & Installation

Once the designs, technical specifications, and interior furnishings are confirmed, we will review the final designs with our clients and the contractors that we choose. Our professional team will oversee the construction project to ensure that is aligned with the approved designs, and will manage and coordinate the delivery and installation of necessary furniture and furnishings. 

Our systematic framework allows us to approach each project with transparency and precision, so you can have a peace of mind with the final outcome.

Contact us

Looking to start your renovation project in Hong Kong? If you have any questions about our interior design process or construction project management services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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