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Urban Forest: Nordic Wood-Toned Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Do you also yearn for the infinite fragrance of the big nature, i.e., the smell of forest? How can one enjoy the nature of a forest in a metropolitan city? You may wish to consider applying wood-toned furniture to decorate your next apartment and turn it into a welcoming home for all the masters and visitors. The wood-toned furniture style has become one of the most popular interior ideas in Hong Kong these years. Introducing wood accents into interior home design and furniture provides urban people another option to relish the nature from the comfort of their own home. Wood-toned furniture makes the apartment a particularly warm and welcoming one. Whether the design is traditional, modern, rustic, luxurious or artistic, the interpretation of wood tones can bring you laid-back and comfortable feelings.

This blogs is going to guide you a flat interior design project in LOHAS Park 6, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, led by RAZ Interiors, making you savour the rejuvenated feeling of the wood-toned interior design.

Before you stepping-in this 1,400-square-foot flat, a dark, black woodgrain door standing at the entrance kicks off the entire home. Breaking away from the warm, wooden-coloured palette of the interiors in the whole apartment, the door of the main entrance looks understated while luxurious. Upon entering the entrance, you will be greeted by a wooden system shoe cabinet, display cabinet, and hard wood flooring. The shoe cabinet and display cabinet are formed in one go, extending the warmth of wood from the main door all the way to every corner of the flat.

Walking through the main entrance and dining table to the right, there is the light-filled living room. Your eyes will surely be drawn to the white marble where the television is located and the stone slate wall with the wavy texture behind it. In order to make the design style consistent, RAZ’s interior design team extends the same marble to the TV cabinet platform. On the other hand, table legs of the coffee table is as well as a wooden one with the geometric patterns, which adds a modern and artistic touch to the living room tabletop. For your information: The owners of this Nordic, minimalist interior designed flat love to read and treasure art, so RAZ’s interior design team specially installed artistic shelves on the wall where the shoe cabinet and display cabinet extends at the back of the living room to display books, magazines, and precious art.

The iconic European classical, round-arched back wall is decorated with lace. One of the four ovals is set up as a shelf for art with extra lighting. Besides, the color scheme of the cabinets, dining table legs, is in the same tone with the main entrance door: Dark wooden black is the main color, breaking away from the main tone of the wall and ceiling. All furniture of the dining room is designed with geometric curves. The bar counter locates at the other side of the dining room, where the wall echoes the marble wall in the living room. All these items make the dining room ingenious.

Revamped from two smaller rooms, the master room is also speaking the main topic: wood-toned furniture. The entire wooden wall at the head of the bed is made of plywood in two kinds of designs: the upper side is decorated with several artistic straight pits; the lower part is a flat wooden board with bedside lamps, and the seams between the upper and the lower are illuminated to light up the bedside and increase a little calm atmosphere to the master room.

To summary, the advantages of wood-toned interior design fulfill functional, multifunctional, and artistic requirements at the same time. The Nordic minimalist touches of the contemporary interior design enhance the coziness of the home environment. You can refer to this interior design project at LOHAS Park to know more ideas about wood-toned interoperation of modern interior design.

Explore RAZ Interiors’ residential portfolio page or Facebook Page for inspiration on how to decorate a house with exceptional, modern interior designs!

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